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Cabo Delgado Province overview

Cabo Delgado Province has 1,583,884 inhabitants which represent 7 % of the population of Mozambique. Capital of Cabo Delgado Province is Pemba and his time zone is Africa/Maputo.

Cabo Delgado Province currency is Metical (MZN) and the dialing code is +258.

Bigest cities in Cabo Delgado Province are : Pemba, Montepuez, Mocímboa.

Local time :
Local time in Cabo Delgado Province
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Largest cities in Cabo Delgado Province

Airports near Pemba (Capital of Cabo Delgado Province)

Pemba AirportPemba / Porto Amelia2 km
Mueda AirportMueda178 km
Mocímboa da Praia AirportMocímboa da Praia180 km
Nampula AirportNampula272 km
Lichinga AirportLichinga570 km
Quelimane AirportQuelimane670 km
Chingozi AirportTete819 km
Beira AirportBeira967 km
Chimoio AirportChimoio1,023 km
Bazaruto Island AirportBazaruto Island1,094 km

List of cities in Cabo Delgado Province

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