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Togo overview

Togo is a country in Africa and his population is 6,587,239 inhabitants over an area of 56,785 km2. Togo capital is Lome and his main time zone (in capitale) is Africa/Lome.

Togo iso 3166 codes are TG (alpha-2), TGO (alpha-3) and 768 (numeric). Togo FIPS code is TO. Togo currency is Franc and the dialing code is +228.

Togo postal format is : - ( ).

Administrative divisions in Togo : 5 Régions (Regions), 1 Communes, 31 Préfectures (Prefectures).

Largest cities in Togo are : Lomé, Sokodé, Kara, Atakpamé, Kpalimé, Bassar, Tsévié, Aného, Sansanné-Mango, Dapaong.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
56,785 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in Togo

Iso codesTG / TGO / 768
Time zoneAfrica/Lome
Total area56,785 km2
Dialing code+228
Postal format -
GDP4.30 billion dollars
GDP per capita653 dollars
Neighbours countriesBurkina Faso, Benin, Ghana.

Togo administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Régions (Regions) Level 15
Communes Level 21
Préfectures (Prefectures) Level 231

Spoken languages in Togo

Airports near Lome (Capital of Togo)

Lomé-Tokoin AirportLomé6 km
Niamtougou International AirportNiamtougou404 km

Togo first administrative level

Largest cities in Togo

CityPopulationDistance from Lome
Lomé749,7000 km
Sokodé117,811317 km
Kara104,207380 km
Atakpamé80,683156 km
Kpalimé75,084106 km
Bassar61,845350 km
Tsévié55,77532 km
Aného47,57943 km
Sansanné-Mango37,748477 km
Dapaong33,324537 km
Tchamba25,668323 km
Badou24,000175 km
Niamtougou23,261404 km
Bafilo22,543358 km
Notsé22,01791 km
Sotouboua21,054271 km
Vogan20,56942 km
Tabligbo13,74859 km
Kandé11,466426 km
Amlamé9,870152 km
Pagouda7,686403 km

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