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New Caledonia overview

New Caledonia is a country in Oceania and his population is 216,494 inhabitants over an area of 19,060 km2. New Caledonia capital is Noumea and his main time zone (in capitale) is Pacific/Noumea.

New Caledonia iso 3166 codes are NC (alpha-2), NCL (alpha-3) and 540 (numeric). New Caledonia FIPS code is NC. New Caledonia currency is Franc and the dialing code is +687.

New Caledonia postal format is : 99999 ( Code postal).

Administrative divisions in New Caledonia : 3 Provinces.

Largest cities in New Caledonia are : Nouméa, Mont-Dore, Dumbéa, Païta, Wé, Tadine, Poindimié, Bourail, Koné, Houaïlou.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
19,060 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in New Caledonia

CountryNew Caledonia
Iso codesNC / NCL / 540
Time zonePacific/Noumea
Total area19,060 km2
Dialing code+687
Postal format 99999
GDP9.28 billion dollars
GDP per capita42,865 dollars
Neighbours countries

New Caledonia administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Provinces Level 13

Spoken languages in New Caledonia

Airports near Noumea (Capital of New Caledonia)

Nouméa Magenta AirportNouméa3 km
La Tontouta International AirportNouméa39 km
Île des Pins AirportÎle des Pins109 km
Ouvéa AirportOuvéa182 km
Maré AirportMaré186 km
Lifou AirportLifou186 km
Tiga AirportTiga191 km
Touho AirportTouho207 km
Koné AirportKoné216 km
Koumac AirportKoumac299 km

New Caledonia first administrative level

Largest cities in New Caledonia

CityPopulationDistance from Noumea
Nouméa93,0600 km
Mont-Dore24,68013 km
Dumbéa19,34614 km
Païta12,61718 km
10,375173 km
Tadine7,492168 km
Poindimié4,885189 km
Bourail4,826127 km
Koné4,572213 km
Houaïlou4,562141 km
Fayaoué4,411181 km
Canala3,53898 km
Koumac3,060295 km
La Foa2,94790 km
Thio2,74878 km
Ponérihouen2,739172 km
Hienghène2,668237 km
Poya2,617170 km
Pouébo2,391286 km
Touho2,283207 km
Voh2,272233 km
Bouloupari2,14662 km
Ouégoa2,127300 km
Kaala-Gomén1,897278 km
Yaté-Barrage1,87146 km
Vao1,862114 km
Pouembout1,511205 km
Poum1,405340 km
Wala890408 km

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