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Maldives overview

Maldives is a country in Asia and his population is 395,650 inhabitants over an area of 300 km2. Maldives capital is Male and his main time zone (in capitale) is Indian/Maldives.

Maldives iso 3166 codes are MV (alpha-2), MDV (alpha-3) and 462 (numeric). Maldives FIPS code is MV. Maldives currency is Rufiyaa and the dialing code is +960.

Maldives postal format is : 99-99 (Postal code).

Administrative divisions in Maldives : 1 Capital, 7 Provinces, 20 Atolls, 287 Islands.

Largest cities in Maldives are : Male, Fuvahmulah, Hithadhoo, Kulhudhuffushi, Thinadhoo, Naifaru, Hulhumale, Dhidhdhoo, Maafushi, Viligili.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
300 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in Maldives

Iso codesMV / MDV / 462
Time zoneIndian/Maldives
Total area300 km2
Dialing code+960
Postal format 99-99
GDP2.27 billion dollars
GDP per capita5,737 dollars
Neighbours countries

Maldives administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Capital Level 11
Provinces Level 17
Atolls Level 220
Islands Level 3287

Spoken languages in Maldives

Airports near Male (Capital of Maldives)

Malé International AirportMalé3 km
Villa AirportMaamigili108 km
Kadhdhoo AirportKadhdhoo258 km
Hanimaadhoo AirportHaa Dhaalu Atoll288 km
Kaadedhdhoo AirportHuvadhu Atoll414 km
Gan International AirportGan543 km

Maldives first administrative level

Largest cities in Maldives

CityPopulationDistance from Male
Male103,6930 km
Fuvahmulah11,140498 km
Hithadhoo9,927534 km
Kulhudhuffushi9,500277 km
Thinadhoo6,376410 km
Naifaru5,044142 km
Hulhumale5,0005 km
Dhidhdhoo3,039305 km
Maafushi3,00026 km
Viligili2,925380 km
Funadhoo2,900221 km
Eydhafushi2,808114 km
Mahibadhoo2,15676 km
Vilufushi2,077187 km
Guraidhoo1,80031 km
Guraidhoo1,800207 km
Fonadhoo1,773261 km
Meedhoo1,726531 km
Manadhoo1,580177 km
Ugoofaaru1,575174 km
Kudahuvadhoo1,562181 km
Open Stage1,258114 km
Madifushi1,110203 km
Veymandoo1,100226 km
Muli1,008140 km
Felidhoo54178 km

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