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is a country in and his population is 432,900 inhabitants over an area of 0 km2. capital is and his main time zone (in capitale) is .

iso 3166 codes are (alpha-2), (alpha-3) and (numeric). FIPS code is . currency is and the dialing code is +.

postal format is : 99999 ( Code postal).

Administrative divisions in :

Largest cities in are : Fort-de-France, Le Lamentin, Le Robert, Sainte-Marie, Le François, Ducos, Saint-Joseph, La Trinité, Rivière-Pilote, Le Gros-Morne.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
0 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in

Iso codes / / 474
Time zone
Total area0 km2
Dialing code+
Postal format 99999
GDP0.00 billion dollars
GDP per capita0 dollars
Neighbours countries

administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal

Spoken languages in

Airports near (Capital of )

Martinique Aimé Césaire International AirportFort-de-France8 km

first administrative level

Largest cities in

CityPopulationDistance from
Fort-de-France89,9950 km
Le Lamentin39,2298 km
Le Robert23,81416 km
Sainte-Marie20,38022 km
Le François19,68218 km
Ducos17,39411 km
Saint-Joseph16,9748 km
La Trinité15,04019 km
Rivière-Pilote13,35923 km
Le Gros-Morne11,02513 km
Sainte-Luce9,19622 km
Saint-Esprit8,50816 km
Le Lorrain8,34126 km
Le Marin7,94326 km
Le Vauclin7,81226 km
Les Trois-Îlets5,6578 km
Le Morne-Rouge5,46920 km
Saint-Pierre4,12519 km
Basse-Pointe4,03730 km

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