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Liberia overview

Liberia is a country in Africa and his population is 3,685,076 inhabitants over an area of 111,370 km2. Liberia capital is Monrovia and his main time zone (in capitale) is Africa/Monrovia.

Liberia iso 3166 codes are LR (alpha-2), LBR (alpha-3) and 430 (numeric). Liberia FIPS code is LI. Liberia currency is Dollar and the dialing code is +231.

Liberia postal format is : 9999 (Postal code).

Administrative divisions in Liberia : 15 Counties, 130 Districts, 572 Clans.

Largest cities in Liberia are : Monrovia, Gbarnga, Kakata, Bensonville, Harper, Voinjama, Buchanan, Zwedru, New Yekepa, Greenville.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
111,370 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in Liberia

Iso codesLR / LBR / 430
Time zoneAfrica/Monrovia
Total area111,370 km2
Dialing code+231
Postal format 9999
GDP1.98 billion dollars
GDP per capita536 dollars
Neighbours countriesIvory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone.

Liberia administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Counties Level 115
Districts Level 2130
Clans Level 3572

Spoken languages in Liberia

Airports near Monrovia (Capital of Liberia)

Spriggs Payne AirportMonrovia4 km
Roberts International AirportMonrovia49 km

Liberia first administrative level

Largest cities in Liberia

CityPopulationDistance from Monrovia
Monrovia939,5240 km
Gbarnga45,835166 km
Kakata33,94555 km
Bensonville33,18826 km
Harper32,661403 km
Voinjama26,594263 km
Buchanan25,73195 km
Zwedru25,678296 km
New Yekepa24,695287 km
Greenville16,434242 km
Ganta13,802274 km
Robertsport11,96981 km
Sanniquellie11,415259 km
Fish Town3,328346 km
Tubmanburg3,15564 km
Bopolu2,90892 km
Barclayville2,733337 km
Cestos City2,578164 km
Buutuo0278 km

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