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Laos overview

Laos is a country in Asia and his population is 6,368,162 inhabitants over an area of 236,800 km2. Laos capital is Vientiane and his main time zone (in capitale) is Asia/Vientiane.

Laos iso 3166 codes are LA (alpha-2), LAO (alpha-3) and 418 (numeric). Laos FIPS code is LA. Laos currency is Kip and the dialing code is +856.

Laos postal format is : 99999 (Postal code).

Administrative divisions in Laos : 1 Kampheng nakhon (Prefectures), 16 Khoueng (Provinces), 142 Muang (Districts).

Largest cities in Laos are : Vientiane, Pakse, Thakhèk, Savannakhét, Luang Prabang, Xam Nua, Muang Phônsavan, Vangviang, Muang Xay, Muang Pakxan.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
236,800 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in Laos

Iso codesLA / LAO / 418
Time zoneAsia/Vientiane
Total area236,800 km2
Dialing code+856
Postal format 99999
GDP10 billion dollars
GDP per capita1,586 dollars
Neighbours countriesChina, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.

Laos administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Kampheng nakhon (Prefectures) Level 11
Khoueng (Provinces) Level 116
Muang (Districts) Level 2142

Spoken languages in Laos

Airports near Vientiane (Capital of Laos)

Wattay International AirportVientiane5 km
Luang Phabang International AirportLuang Phabang220 km
Savannakhet Airport278 km
Sam Neua Airport313 km
Pakse International AirportPakse463 km

Laos first administrative level

Largest cities in Laos

CityPopulationDistance from Vientiane
Vientiane196,7310 km
Pakse88,332466 km
Thakhèk85,000245 km
Savannakhét66,553277 km
Luang Prabang47,378219 km
Xam Nua38,992312 km
Muang Phônsavan37,507177 km
Vangviang25,000108 km
Muang Xay25,000310 km
Muang Pakxan21,967121 km
Ban Houakhoua15,500340 km
Muang Không15,000552 km
Sainyabuli13,500172 km
Phôngsali13,500417 km
Champasak12,994489 km
Ban Houayxay12,500345 km
Muang Phôn-Hông10,11262 km
Salavan5,521478 km
Pakxong5,000496 km
Lamam4,463521 km
Attapeu4,297572 km
Ban Nahin3,466173 km
Luang Namtha3,225355 km
Ban Thatèng1,500492 km
Xaysetha0581 km
Viengthong0276 km
Xamtay0299 km
Viengxay0322 km
Huameung0277 km
Sanaxy0596 km
Dak Cheung0570 km
Muang Nalè0310 km
Viangxai0321 km
Ban Namnga0357 km
Ban Fangdèng0581 km
Ban Hatgnao0561 km
Borikhan0136 km
Ban Dônghén0318 km
Muang Khamkeut0227 km
Muang Hinboun0216 km
Muang Kasi0145 km
Muang Kènthao0130 km
Khoa0347 km
Ban Pakla0327 km
Muang Long0382 km
Muang Mok0182 km
Muang Phin0397 km
Phônthong0456 km
Muang Sanakham098 km
Muang Sing0390 km
Ban Xiang-Ngeun0204 km
Pakkading0153 km

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