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Greenland overview

Greenland is a country in North America and his population is 56,375 inhabitants over an area of 2,166,086 km2. Greenland capital is Nuuk and his main time zone (in capitale) is America/Godthab.

Greenland iso 3166 codes are GL (alpha-2), GRL (alpha-3) and 304 (numeric). Greenland FIPS code is GL. Greenland currency is Krone and the dialing code is +299.

Greenland postal format is : 9999 (Postal code).

Administrative divisions in Greenland : 4 Kommunia (Municipalities).

Largest cities in Greenland are : Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq, Aasiaat, Maniitsoq, Paamiut, Tasiilaq, Narsaq, Nanortalik.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
2,166,086 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :

Largest cities in Greenland

ContinentNorth America
Iso codesGL / GRL / 304
Time zoneAmerica/Godthab
Total area2,166,086 km2
Dialing code+299
Postal format 9999
GDP2.16 billion dollars
GDP per capita38,315 dollars
Neighbours countries

Greenland administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Kommunia (Municipalities) Level 14

Spoken languages in Greenland

Airports near Nuuk (Capital of Greenland)

Godthaab / Nuuk AirportNuuk2 km
Kangerlussuaq AirportKangerlussuaq318 km
Narsarsuaq AirportNarsarsuaq465 km
Aasiaat AirportAasiaat507 km
Thule Air BaseThule1,501 km

Greenland first administrative level

Largest cities in Greenland

CityPopulationDistance from Nuuk
Nuuk14,7980 km
Sisimiut5,227320 km
Ilulissat4,413561 km
Qaqortoq3,224484 km
Aasiaat3,005506 km
Maniitsoq2,866148 km
Paamiut1,862265 km
Tasiilaq1,829682 km
Narsaq1,633466 km
Nanortalik1,509562 km
Qasigiannguit1,341517 km
Uummannaq1,299723 km
Upernavik1,129974 km

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