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China overview

China is a country in Asia and his population is 1,330,044,000 inhabitants over an area of 9,596,960 km2. China capital is Beijing and his main time zone (in capitale) is Asia/Shanghai.

China iso 3166 codes are CN (alpha-2), CHN (alpha-3) and 156 (numeric). China FIPS code is CH. China currency is Yuan Renminbi and the dialing code is +86.

China postal format is : 999999 (Postal code).

Administrative divisions in China : 22 Provinces, 4 Municipalities, 3 Special regions, 5 Autonomous regions, 286 Prefecture-level cities, 30 Autonomous prefectures, 3 Leagues, 14 Prefectures, 367 County-level cities, 1 Forestry area, 117 Autonomous counties, 4 Ethnic districts, 855 Districts, 49 Banners, 3 Autonomous banners, 3 Special districts, 1464 Counties.

Largest cities in China are : Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing.

Local time :
Local time
Capital :
Population :
Area :
9,596,960 km2
Iso code :
dialing code :
Currency :
Yuan Renminbi

Largest cities in China

Iso codesCN / CHN / 156
Time zoneAsia/Shanghai
Total area9,596,960 km2
Dialing code+86
CurrencyYuan Renminbi
Postal format 999999
GDP9,330 billion dollars
GDP per capita7,015 dollars
Neighbours countriesAfghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Vietnam.

China administrative levels

Administrative nameAdmin levelTotal
Provinces Level 122
Municipalities Level 14
Special regions Level 13
Autonomous regions Level 15
Prefecture-level cities Level 2286
Autonomous prefectures Level 230
Leagues Level 23
Prefectures Level 214
County-level cities Level 3367
Forestry area Level 31
Autonomous counties Level 3117
Ethnic districts Level 34
Districts Level 3855
Banners Level 349
Autonomous banners Level 33
Special districts Level 33
Counties Level 31464

Spoken languages in China

Airports near Beijing (Capital of China)

Beijing Xijiao AirportBeijing13 km
Beijing Nanyuan AirportBeijing14 km
Beijing Capital International AirportBeijing25 km
Beijing Shahezhen Air BaseBeijing28 km
Liangxiangzhen Air BaseBeijing29 km
Beijing Tongxian Air BaseBeijing29 km
Yongning Air BaseYongning71 km
Yangcun Air Base84 km
Tianjin Binhai International AirportTianjin119 km
Zunhua Air Base129 km

China first administrative level

Largest cities in China

CityPopulationDistance from Beijing
Shanghai22,315,4741,069 km
Beijing11,716,6200 km
Tianjin11,090,314108 km
Guangzhou11,071,4241,892 km
Shenzhen10,358,3811,945 km
Wuhan9,785,3881,056 km
Dongguan8,000,0001,897 km
Chongqing7,457,6001,460 km
Chengdu7,415,5901,518 km
Nanjing7,165,292899 km
Nanchong7,150,0001,378 km
Xi’an6,501,190913 km
Shenyang6,255,921628 km
Hangzhou6,241,9711,123 km
Harbin5,878,9391,059 km
Tai’an5,499,000419 km
Suzhou5,345,9611,030 km
Shantou5,329,0241,841 km
Jinan4,335,989364 km
Zhengzhou4,253,913623 km
Changchun4,193,073861 km
Dalian4,087,733461 km
Kunming3,855,3462,090 km
Qingdao3,718,835552 km
Foshan3,600,0001,904 km
Puyang3,590,0001,206 km
Wuxi3,543,719992 km
Xiamen3,531,3471,725 km
Tianshui3,500,0001,114 km
Ningbo3,491,5971,211 km
Shiyan3,460,000952 km
Taiyuan3,426,519402 km
Tangshan3,372,102156 km
Hefei3,310,268899 km
Zibo3,129,228376 km
Zhongshan3,121,2752,142 km
Changsha3,093,9801,341 km
Ürümqi3,029,3722,414 km
Shijiazhuang2,834,942266 km
Huai’an2,700,000754 km
Lanzhou2,628,4261,181 km
Yunfu2,612,8001,934 km
Nanchang2,357,8391,250 km
Dadonghai2,000,0002,503 km
Ordos1,940,653567 km
Jilin1,881,977949 km
Bayan Nur1,760,000770 km
Kunshan1,600,0001,035 km
Xinyang1,590,668892 km
Fushun1,400,646672 km
Luoyang1,390,581678 km
Guankou1,380,0001,332 km
Handan1,358,318405 km
Baotou1,301,768564 km
Xuchang1,265,536692 km
Yueyang1,200,0001,211 km
Anshan1,199,275574 km
Tongshan1,199,193641 km
Fuzhou1,179,7201,565 km
Guiyang1,171,6331,733 km
Lijiang1,137,6002,083 km
Datong1,052,678266 km
Changshu City1,047,7001,000 km
Xianyang1,034,081922 km
Huainan1,027,655812 km
Jieyang1,001,9851,822 km
Zhu Cheng City1,000,000509 km
Baoding995,652141 km
Benxi987,717641 km
Changzhou949,018960 km
Huaibei903,039661 km
Kaifeng900,000598 km
Pingdingshan889,675740 km
Qiqihar882,3641,027 km
Wenzhou865,6721,382 km
Nanning803,7882,049 km
Anyang781,129460 km
Hohhot774,477415 km
Shangyu770,0001,174 km
Xining767,5311,329 km
Qinhuangdao759,718272 km
Hengyang759,6021,491 km
Xinxiang743,601573 km
Hegang743,3071,390 km
Langfang720,11951 km
Zhumadian720,000800 km
Yantai719,332515 km
Zhuzhou709,3581,377 km
Changzhi699,514665 km
Zhangjiakou692,602163 km
Zigong689,9611,583 km
Fuxin689,050501 km
Huangshi688,0901,082 km
Liaoyang687,890592 km
Xiangtan674,1891,380 km
Puyang Chengguanzhen666,322483 km
Nantong666,251965 km
Mudanjiang665,9151,204 km
Guilin649,3521,725 km
Zhanjiang637,7902,152 km

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